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  • The raised bowls promote healthier feeding for your cats or dogs
  • The wooden stand offers a stable base and the bowl fits snugly thus reducing the chances of pets tipping over their bowls
  • The pet bowl stand pictured is in the rubbed black finish
  • The stainless steel bowl is dishwasher safe and can be removed for cleaning or serving meals for your pets

Pet Bowl Stand - Wooden - 1 Bowl - Raised Cat Bowl or Dog Bowl

This Pet Feeder is made to order and generally takes between five to seven business days to make and ship.
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Product Description

This wooden pet feeder promotes better posture for your cat or dog whilst eating or drinking as it raises the pet bowls off the ground which aids better posture and reduces strain on their neck, back and legs. The single pet bowl stand would suit as a separate food or water bowl for your dog or cat. The included stainless steel bowl fits snugly into the wooden stand and the design reduces the possibility of the bowls from being tipped over and hence spilling the contents. The dishwasher safe and can be removed from the wooden stand for cleaning and convenience when serving meals. The pet bowl stand is made from solid pine and is available in 8 different from XS to 4XL and 12 different finishes.

* Item finish in the picture is rubbed black.


  • The raised stand promotes healthier feeding for your cat or dog by promoting healthier posture and therefore reducing strain on their neck, back and legs and is especially helpful for older pets
  • The design of the pet bowls stand sees the stainless steel bowl fit snugly into the stand and therefore reduces the possibility of the bowls being knocked by your pets and spilling the contents of the bowls across the floor
  • The stand freestanding and is available in 8 different sizes from XS to 4XL to suit a range of dog and cat breeds
  • The pet bowl stand includes one dishwasher safe, stainless steel bowl for food or water and is suitable for either pet food or water
  • The pet feeder is made from solid pine and is available in 12 different finishes clear, baltic, dark baltic, walnut, mahogany, wenge, white, white on dark, aqua on dark, rubbed black, rubbed walnut, black


  • X-Small: 1 Cup
  • Small: 2 Cups 
  • Medium: 3 Cups
  • Large: 4 Cups
  • X-Large: 6 Cups
  • XX-Large: 7 Cups 


  • X-Small: 1.5 Cup
    • (mm): 190 W x 190 D x 120 H
    • (in): 7.5" W x 7.5" D x 4.7" H
  • Small: 2.25 Cups
    • (mm): 215 W x 215 D x 120 H
    • (in): 8.5" W x 8.5" D x 4.7" H
  • Medium: 3.5 Cups
    • (mm): 235 W x 235 D x 130 H
    • (in): 9.3" W x 9.3" D x 5.1" H
  • Large: 5.5 Cups
    • (mm): 245 W x 245 D x 140 H
    • (in): 9.6" W x 9.6" D x 5.5" H
  • X-Large: 7 Cups
    • (mm): 265 W x 265 D x 150 H
    • (in): 10.4" W x 10.4" D x 5.9" H
  • XX-Large: 9.5 Cups
    • (mm): 290 W x 290 D x 160 H
    • (in): 11.4" W x 11.4" D x 6.3" H
  • XXX-Large: 11 Cups
    • (mm): 320 W x 320 D x 170 H
    • (in): 12.6" W x 12.6" D x 6.7" H
  • XXXX-Large: 15 Cups
    • (mm): 356 W x 356 D x 180 H
    • (in): 14.0" W x 14.0" D x 7.1" H


Bowl Dimensions:

The bowls are available in eight sizes:

  • X-Small: 1.5 Cup
    • (metric): Diameter: 140mm, Volume: 360ml
    • (imperial): Diameter: 5.5", Volume: 0.4 quarts
  • Small: 2.25 Cups
    • (metric): Diameter: 160mm, Volume: 540ml
    • (imperial): Diameter: 6.3", Volume: 0.6 quarts
  • Medium: 3.5 Cups
    • (metric): Diameter: 180mm, Volume: 840ml
    • (imperial): Diameter: 7.1", Volume: 0.9 quarts
  • Large: 5.5 Cups
    • (metric): Diameter: 200mm, Volume: 1320ml
    • (imperial): Diameter: 7.9", Volume: 1.4 quarts
  • X-Large: 7 Cups
    • (metric): Diameter: 220mm, Volume: 1680ml
    • (imperial): Diameter: 8.7", Volume: 1.8 quarts
  • XX-Large: 9.5 Cups
    • (metric): Diameter: 240mm, Volume: 2280ml
    • (imperial): Diameter: 9.4", Volume: 2.4 quarts
  • XXX-Large: 11.5 Cups
    • (metric): Diameter: 260mm, Volume: 2760ml
    • (imperial): Diameter: 10.2", Volume: 2.9 quarts
  • XXXX-Large: 15 Cups
    • (metric): Diameter: 280mm, Volume: 3600ml
    • (imperial): Diameter: 11.0", Volume: 3.8 quarts
We also make the feeders in a two bowl design. Please be sure to check our other listings.
Sustainable Practices:
We endeavour to use environmentally sound practices during manufacture. We generally use solid 'Radiata' Pine sourced from sustainably managed plantation forests. These plantation forests are renewable, thereby protecting our dwindling natural forests.
Colour Disclaimer:
As our products are handmade, there could be slight variations in colour. We endeavour to present our products accurately but due to the relative inconsistencies of various display monitors, the colors you see on your screen may not be a totally accurate reproduction of the actual product. If you require a specific colour or stain, please contact us directly to discuss this further before ordering.